Watergate Bay

watergate bay in newquayWatergate Bay is only five minutes in the car from Newquay and it is well worth a visit, a stunning long beach ith impressive cliffs to the back and loads of parking. It is easy access to the beach as there is a large concrete walkway, so this on is great for wheelchairs and buggies.

There are places to hire leisure equipment, including surfboards, beach chairs and wet sits. If you are feeling brave, you can enrol on lessons for som of the extreme sports like kite surfing. Although they may seem expensive, they are great value nd give you a wonderful insight in the these amazing sports, for adrenaline junkies!

Watergate is a beach for everyone and boosts very lovely eateries both on and around the beach.

As you round the corner at the top of the hill you can see down to Watergate and appreciate its beauty, loads of the local surfers frequent Watergate so there is always something intresting to look at in the sea.

There is also a great cliff walk from near Porth Beach to Watergate Bay, find it and try it out on a sunny day.


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  1. hi, could you tell me what/if any restrictions for dogs on watergate bay, also, any dog info on all newquay beaches would be good, 6th aug-13th aug, many thanks

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