Whipsiderry Beach

whipsiderry beach newquayWhipsiderry Beach is a little known beach just round the corner from Porth Beach. It is out of town enough to be quieter than the rest of the beaches. Just head out of town towards Watergate Bay and Porth, follow your nose round past the Mermaid Inn and level with the first right hand turn half way up the next hill is Whipsiderry beach.

Be prepared for some steps as there are loads, but it is worth it. There are loads of cool caves on Whipsiderry and there is an old smugglers tunnel half way down the steps, a cool point of interest, so take a look.

It has long been filled in but it goves you an insight into the bootlegging and smuggling past of Cornwall’s sailors and pirates in days of old.

There is not much parking near by so take a look around for a parking spot, or just wak from town. Bus services run to Trevelgue campsite frequently, which is is on the same route, so you could jump on one of those.


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